problem with finding rpm files

Artur Rutkowski ldfura at
Sat Oct 9 21:08:31 UTC 2004

Some days ago I wanted to install MPlayer and emacspeak. During installation the Mplayer I had some problems with building so I decided to install the rpms files. I downloaded the mplayer-1.0pre5...rpm. When I tried to install it I received the message that informs about dependenties that are not completed. The mplayer-common version 2-1.0pre5 was required but I couldn't find it.

The second problem concerns the espeakf (emacspeak speech server for festival). I tried to download it from but on this web page I found only some information about espeakf but no file to download. Could you show me the place where the mplayer-common version2-1.0pre5 and espeakf are?
Thanks in advance. Artur

Sorry about my mistakes in english language :-))
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