Iptables and Logins at boot-up

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Sun Oct 10 13:37:46 UTC 2004

Strongly suggest you upgrade that machine. If you're going to start
changing configurations on that system, you may as well bite the bullet
and upgrade. RH 8 is no longer supported, and you will only find
yourself gradually more exposed in various ways that you can't easily
adapt to. This would, in my view, include newly discovered security
exploits against which you would have no recourse, because no one is
shipping patches against any app on RH 8 any longer.

John J. Boyer writes:
> Thanks to all who helped with the ssh problem. There were two gotchas. 
> Iptables was blocking all connections, and password authentication was 
> turned off. Now I want to use the target machine to receive mail and for 
> backup. When I boot the target machine, iptables is on and I have to log 
> in as root to turn it off. How can I set iptables to be off at boot time? 
> Or, better, to accept ssh and scp only from the source machine?
> Two user accounts receive mail continuously. I would like to have them 
> automatically logged on at boot time. Is this possible? How?
> Thanks,
> John
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