Iptables and Logins at boot-up

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at charter.net
Sun Oct 10 22:26:48 UTC 2004

We all do need to learn to look for ourselves. 
and it would not have taken searching through reams of documentation to 
find out what you are asking. Even just a little search through the blinux 
archives would have given you information about the change from redhat to 
fedora and the availability of a brltty bootdisk for the install.
It's really tempting to just ask questions onlist but it's not a good 
habit to get into. At least that's what I was taught as a newbie, and it 
was people's gentle but firm insistance that I do this that helped me to 
start learning (I'm still learning) about man pages and google and list 
archives--well, some people weren't so gentle about it, either!!! Not that 
answering your question was a big deal for any number of us on this list, 
but do you really want to get into this pattern and advertise that you 
don't want to have to look for info? and you aren't even a newbie.
Just something to think about.

I had decided not to send this, but your questions about speakup/fedora 
make me think it's relevant. Most of what you ask is plainly written in 
the howto that goes with the speakup-modified fedora.

As for brltty and FC, I will say to be careful to acquire or make one that 
the installation set you are using.


"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

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