Installing FC2 with BRLTTY.

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Mon Oct 11 04:48:57 UTC 2004

I won't guarantee 100% that I'm not doing something wrong,but it appears 
that the iso from Dave's site works with the official fedora core 2 set 
but not with the speakup set. It also appears that the brltty.iso on the 
speakup site, dated July 19, boots and brings up brltty but does not work 
with either the present speakup install disks or the official fedora core 
disks. I haven't tried to make a brltty.iso from the current 
speakup-fedora boot.iso, because both when I tried making an iso in an Fc2 
install and a gentoo install I got errors that prevented the completion of 
the iso. I had previously reported the problem to dave; I don't think I've 
tried making the iso in debian. My hypothesis was that possibly the 
brltty.iso, which is actually a modification of the boot.iso via a script 
(though you can also do it with the first cd of a set) needs to match the 
set you are trying to use. However, it's possible I'm jumping to an 
unfounded conclusion.
Since the brltty.iso does work with the official FC2 first cd, and since 
the first speakup-modified FC2 cd comes up fine using speakup boot 
parameters, and since both pass integrity tests, I don't believe there's 
anything wrong with the first cd in either set that would have caused this 
When I say that the brltty.iso from the speakup site does not 
work with 
either cd set, I mean that brltty comes up but when you put in the first 
cd of the set it is not recognized as a fecora cd.
It also may be that the problem with running the script to create isos has 
been solved and i haven't tried it again with a late enough version.
The only other possibility I can think of is that there is something wrong 
with the brltty.iso on the speakup site or with my copy of it.
I hope the way i'm explaining this is understandable.


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