running linux on telnet from another computer

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Mon Oct 11 15:54:39 UTC 2004

> I know that i can use telnet to connect, but can I get out into the 
> linux environment too?

Writing network exposed services can be a dangerous game, as any 
bugs can expose you to remote exploits.  If you're using some 
kinder language (such as perl, python, or php, or whatever--other 
than C/C++/pascal and the like in which buffer-overflows are more 
likely to crop up) you likely have less with which to concern 
yourself.  So yes, there's always the possibility of a security 
breach due to some obscure scenario you never considered, and 
that could allow access.

If you intend to proceed, you can wrap things fairly tightly by 
making a chroot jail in which the app can't escape.  It certainly 
makes matters more difficult for an attacker.  This would be 
particularly easy if you just have a few configuration files and 
your main executable--no need to have access to all sorts of 
other software (ls, cat, etc).

Lastly, you may want to wrap things in a ssh tunnel as passwords 
are sent plain-text when using a generic telnet connection.  This 
may be something about which you don't care, but it's always nice 
to respect the privacy wishes of those visiting your mud. (grins)

Hope this helps,


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