Questions about installing Gnopernicus.

Darrell Shandrow nu7i at
Mon Oct 11 19:40:24 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I need to install Gnopernicus in hopes that it will provide a level of accessibility to a work-related Sun Java accessibility that is better than that I am not currently getting from my existing screen reader.  I am in the preparation stage now, but could really use some advice as soon as possible.  I'd like to start with the following questions:

What is currently the best Linux distro for installation of Gnopernicus?
Are there any distros with Gnopernicus already built?
What is a good place for documentation (tech info is fine but I am not a programmer) on Gnopernicus and its installation?
Is it ultimately necessary to manually build this software?

Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.


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