Installing FC2 with BRLTTY.

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Oct 12 03:28:55 UTC 2004

Yes, I'll forward this to Bill. The brltty support wasn't yet official,
but it's there to be had as you've found it.

Cheryl Homiak writes:
> Ok, my point again--while trying not to belabor it.
> Whatever you updated from september to october in the speakup-modified cds 
> means the brltty.iso I made from the October boot.iso will NOT work with 
> the september cds. The brltty.iso you have on the site right now is dated 
> July 19th; there is nothing wrong with that iso; it does indeed boot both 
> brltty and speakup. That July 19th brltty.iso did work with the 
> speakup-modified set that was on the site at the time. However, when you 
> updated the speakup-fedora set subsequently, you did not make a new 
> brltty.iso. when you update the 
> cds on the speakup site, you must also update--remake--the brltty.iso.
> I don't mean to keep repeating but it appears either we're saying the same 
> thing in different ways and not realizing it or my point isn't being 
> understood.
> On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Janina Sajka wrote:
> >Yes, these would be FC2. They have differing dates because the packages
> >they contain have been upgraded. They are frequently updated.
> >
> >Cheryl Homiak writes:
> >>Maybe I'd better clarify this a little better.
> >>When I downloaded from the speakup site a few weeks ago the isos 9most of
> >>them) had September dates. they now have October dates. But i believe
> >>both were FC2
> >>
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