Questions about installing Gnopernicus.

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Oct 12 17:55:49 UTC 2004

Hi, Darrell:

Darrell Shandrow writes:
> 1.
> What is currently the best Linux distro for installation of Gnopernicus?

Bad question. There's never going to be any kind of consensus like this.
Ask a dozen people and you'll get at least half a dozen answers.

So, I'll give yyou my answer. Choose the distro you're most familiar
with, or at least the one were your technical support is most

> 2.
> Are there any distros with Gnopernicus already built?

Debian and Fedora Core 2 provide pre-built Gnopernicus packages, and
most of the supporting packages. But, beware. I gave you my answer
carefully when I said "most." Some required packages, such as Sun Java
RTK or SDK will not be provided by the Linux distributions because Sun
imposes a license that the Linux distributions will never support.

There are other gotchyas, like almost nonexistent documentation.

> 3.
> What is a good place for documentation (tech info is fine but I am not a programmer) on Gnopernicus and its installation?

Good luck. Many of us have failed on the gnome-accessibility list. I'm
afraid there is no good place.

> 4.
> Is it ultimately necessary to manually build this software?

No. And, I will voluntarily add that I have found gnopernicus quite
stable since about August. That's news, by the way.


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