Questions about installing Gnopernicus.

Kenny Hitt kenny at
Wed Oct 13 17:35:54 UTC 2004

Hi.  I don't know what apps you would need to use.  If you don't need
web access, don't need access to the Gnome help system, or don't need to
do much in a terminal session then you might be able to do it.  Also, if
you don't mind reading your mail a line at a time, then Gnopernicus
might be ok for you.
I admit I'm critical of Gnopernicus.  Personally, I don't think Gnome
access wil equal console access any time soon.  Try it and see if it
does the job for you and let us know.


On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 11:03:03AM -0500, John Heim wrote:
> At 12:55 PM 10/12/2004, Janina Sajka you wrote:
> >No. And, I will voluntarily add that I have found gnopernicus quite
> >stable since about August. That's news, by the way.
> Stable enough to be used at work? I mean, can I earn a living on a linux 
> box  running gnopernicus? That would make me very happy.
> I write primarily linux apps but I do most of my editing on a Windows 
> machine accessing the files via samba. But I hate JAWS. Worst piece of 
> software over $15. And it's WAY over $15.
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