Questions about installing Gnopernicus.

John Heim jheim at
Thu Oct 14 18:23:48 UTC 2004

At 02:46 PM 10/13/2004, Janina Sajka you wrote:
>Well, you can certainly earn a living running Linux as a blind user, but
>not with Gnopernicus. At least, not yet.

Hmmm... Too bad.

I mostly write programs for linux systems. I do some ASP. But I do almost 
all of my editing via a Windows program called Textpad. I suppose it's 
probably because it's wht I'm used to.

I started out as a unix guy and when they plopped a Windows 95 machine down 
on my desk I was like, "Where the heck is the command line? How the heck am 
I supposed to add myself as a user? What's the root password?"   This 
business of clicking buttons to do everything seemed ludicrous.  Still does 
kind of.

I used to use emacs all day, every day. But now I'd hate to have to give up 
my GUI editor. When nopernicus is ready for prime time, I'll look for an 
editor similar to Textpad before switching.

Sure would like to get rid of Windows/JAWS though.

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