Speakup and Braaille Lite 40

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Fri Oct 15 02:12:53 UTC 2004

[quoted lines by John J. Boyer on 2004/10/14 at 20:45 -0500]

>this question regards the speakup-modified FC2 iso's. If I connect my 
>Braille Lite 40 in place of an external synthesizer, will I get useful 
>output on the braille display?

I don't think so. This highlights what I believe to be a current problem with
how the two applications have been integrated. Speakup, as I understand it,
always tries to start. If you don't specify a device or synthesizer type then
it autoprobes. This means that Speakup will autoprobe your BrailleLite.  This
may cause problems to both Speakup and the BrailleLite. I don't think there's
currently a way to tell Speakup to simply not start at all.

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