How similar is commercial Linux?

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Fri Oct 15 18:38:28 UTC 2004

At the University of Wisconsin, we have switched over to Red Hat Advanced 
server from various Red Hat versions , mostly 7 through 9. I was at 9 when 
I installed AS 3.0.

I actually had some problems with RH AS that I didn't have with RH 9. The 
network connection occasionally gets really slow. And the error messages in 
the syslog don't mean anything to anybody I have asked. That includes on 
usenet and on the mailing lest of the local lug.

I can fix the problem temporarily by restarting network services so it's 
not a killer. It's good thing this is not a production machine though.

Another problem we had was that the quota command and the du command gave 
different results. You can find out how much space a directory tree takes 
up with the du command. Theoretically, the quota command should give the 
same number if all the files in that directory are owned by the same user 
and that user has no files outside that directory tree.

But it didn't. So a user might put 50 Mb of files on our machine and the 
quota command would report that he had 30 Mb. Sometimes it was more, 
sometimes it was less.

I never saw these problems in RH 9. I know the networking problem wasn't 
there before I installed RH AS. And I tested the quota system plenty before 
installing RH AS and never noticed any inconsistencies.

The reason why we are still using RH AS is that Oracle supports it and not 

At 12:16 PM 10/15/2004, Lee Maschmeyer you wrote:
>Hi all,
>When our site discontinued its 35+ year use of IBM mainframe-based 
>software for its administrative tasks, it switched to Solaris. At the 
>time, brltty ran only on Linux, and since Sun-Linux docs said it would be 
>patterned after Red Hat 7, I installed Red Hat on my home and work computers.
>Now we're starting to investigate Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and since I'm 
>literally the only one around here who uses Linux of any sort they're 
>asking me a lot of questions.
>How portable is my experience with Red Hat versions from 8 to Fedora 2 
>(soon to include Fedora 3 which is slated for release ca. November 1)? Is 
>Enterprise Linux Desktop about comparable to Fedora, 4 CDs etc? Does 
>anybody know how big Enterprise Linux AS is and how the file layouts and 
>included products compare?
>Thanks much for any info,
>Lee Maschmeyer
><lee_maschmeyer at>
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