speech-dispatcher and gnopernicus - problems

Artur Rutkowski ldfura at o2.pl
Sun Oct 17 18:37:34 UTC 2004

Hi all!
Last time I tried to figure out how can I add a new festival voice to the festival gnome speech driver. I did what Luke wrote to me. Unfortunately gnopernicus didn't see the voices installed for the festival. When I reached the place where I can change the voice for all kinds of voices gnopernicus showed that the  main mechanism is the festival gnome speech driver and two voices, kevin and kal, was available only. What should I do in this situation?

My second problem is connected with speech-dispatcher. Before screen reader installation I installed all applications and libraries required by speech-dispatcher. When I tried to install the speedch-dispatcher the configure script shows me that it cannot find the flite. I was sure that all flite libraries had been installed. I checked them by the 'locate flite' command. Everything was OK. How can I tell the configure script that all flite libraries are installed?
thanks for answer.
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