Speakup and Braaille Lite 40

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sun Oct 17 21:55:47 UTC 2004

I want to try and clear up some comments on this list over the past week
regarding the Speakup Modified Fedora Distribution and braille devices.

1.)	Speakup is NOT set to talk automatically, nor does it probe
serial ports for a speech synth by default. One must explicitly
configure the speech interface. This is done either by creating a new
initrd.img with the appropriate drivers, or through arguments at the
boot loader.Similarly, one must specify at least a speech synthesizer to
be looked for before Speakup will probe serial ports upon booting the
installation media. If you do not specify a speech device, Speakup does
no probing.

2.) To date there has not been explicit support for braille displays in
the Speakup Modified beyond the fact that we include a version of
brltty--which will certainly be installed if one follows the
installation procedures detailed in our installation HOWTO. If any
connected braille display receives output, that is purely incidental and
not intentional. The only exception is an expirimental boot iso image
that includes the brltty installer. Because it was expirimental, it was
not always updated when the Speakup Modified was updated. This has now
changed, and this iso image will be updated anytime there are updates to
the boot images As of this writing, this boot image is not included with
the four ISO installation files--it must be downloaded separately..

Dave Mielke writes:
> [quoted lines by John J. Boyer on 2004/10/14 at 20:45 -0500]
> >this question regards the speakup-modified FC2 iso's. If I connect my 
> >Braille Lite 40 in place of an external synthesizer, will I get useful 
> >output on the braille display?
> I don't think so. This highlights what I believe to be a current problem with
> how the two applications have been integrated. Speakup, as I understand it,
> always tries to start. If you don't specify a device or synthesizer type then
> it autoprobes. This means that Speakup will autoprobe your BrailleLite.  This
> may cause problems to both Speakup and the BrailleLite. I don't think there's
> currently a way to tell Speakup to simply not start at all.
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