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could I get a statically linked brltty 3.5 or 3.6 e-mailed to me please?

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[quoted lines by Gustafsson Kristoffer (elev) on 2004/10/20 at 10:32 +0200]

>I have decided to change kernel from the 2.4.20-8 kernel that is included with redhat 9
>However when I switch to the latest 2.6 kernel brltty stops working.
>why this?

What error message(s) do you get? If they're not on your screen then they're
probably in /var/log/messages.

>also , where can I find the braille voyager driver support

As of release 3.5, brltty no longer requires kernel support for the Voyager. If
you're using the old brltty-3.2 which came with RH9 with a Voyager, then that
may be why it isn't working when you use a 2.6 kernel.

Since brltty-3.6 has just been released, I recommend that you ensure that
that's the release you're using. You can download an rpm for it from BRLTTY's
web site, which is at:

>My third problem is that the kernel modules that I selected as loadable modules are nowhere to be found.
>I looked in the /lib/modules direcotry, but could only find modules for the old kernel.
>where can they be?

you probably didn't do a "make modules-install" yet.

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