dectalk installation problem

John Heim jheim at
Thu Oct 21 15:05:48 UTC 2004

At 09:37 AM 10/20/2004, Kristoffer Gustafsson you wrote:
>gzip: stdin: decompression ok trailing garbage ignored.
>Can you tell me what is wrong?
>Have fonix made it like this only to steal us poor people on money by 
>selling software that doesn't work?

I bought DECtalk 4.6 from them and it works fine. They may have done 
something wrong packaging  5.0 but I doubt they're purposely  trying to rip 
you off.

You should contact them.

You might try using the tar command to uncompress the archive. I can't 
imagine why it would help but it can't hurt. You can unpack and uncompress 
at the same time:

$ tar -zxvf <filename>

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