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Our 340K SDSL connection from SpeakEasy is becoming increasingly 
unreliable.  We want to bring in a T1 line, but can't really justify the 
250% increase in cost this involves.

As such, I'm looking for two-four people, who want to place Linux systems 
on a T1's reliability.

Bandwidth will be monitored, but not hard limited, unless you start 
pegging the line, and making problems for other users, on some kind of 
regular basis.
(At least, this is the plan as it stands.)

Cost is $60.00 per month if I can only find three machines to colo, or 
$50/mo if I can find four.
If I only find two, we will have to work something out.
If anyone is interested, we will of course figure all of this out between 
the coloers involved, before anything permanant happens.

As far as requirements for length of stay: first four months.  After that, 
it's leave any time, with fifteen day notice.

Terms negotiable.

Keep this subject intact if you reply--I will *not!* notice messages 
without the subject of "T1 service" as above.

Thanks, and sorry for the OT-ness.


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