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Mon Oct 25 21:25:41 UTC 2004

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Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 10:20:40 +0200
From: Anina Immelman <anina at>
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Subject: SANCB Request

Hi Hans,

I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to open source, so please excuse me if I
ask stupid questions. Our blind users currently uses Jaws, but we have a
serious problem when we try and find work for them because employers do not
want to take the risk of splashing out on software for a new disabled
employee. If we could use open source software we may be able to help a lot
of people. Is there a program out there that can compare to Jaws in terms of
stability and features? Where can I find out more? Our support guys are not
familiar with open source - what can they do to gain more knowledge in order
to support our users, should we decide to go the open source route.

I'll really appreciate any help you can give me.

Best wishes,

Anina Immelman

South African National Council for the Blind

Department of Fundraising and Information

E-mail:  <mailto:anina at> anina at

Tel: +27 12 346-1171

Fax: +27 12 346-4699

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