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Thanks for the help!
I plan to use dectalk  on a computer with 600 mhz speed.
The screen reading tools I plan to use is both emacs and yasr. Do you think this works?

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Hi.  Fonix sells an external DECtalk.  It has serial and USB connectors.
I don't know if it can be used in DOS.  As long as the DOS screen reader
talks to the serial port, it should work.  I just bought a used DECtalk
express of ebay for $200.00.  I only got the synth with no manuals or
software.  I'm using it now with speakup with no problems.
The system requirements for DECtalk will depend on whether you use
speech-dispatcher.  If you use speech-dispatcher, you will have the
overhead from it to consider.  Yasr is the only console screen reader I
know about that can use the DECtalk software without talking to
speech-dispatcher.  Emacspeak can also work without speech-dispatcher,
but you will be limited to programs accessable from emacs.
Window-eyes ships with software DECtalk, and I think you can buy a stand
alone version from Gwmicro.

Hope this helps.
On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 10:43:08AM +0200, Gustafsson Kristoffer (elev) wrote:
> Hello!
> I need some answers on a dectalk question.
> I plan to install linux on a computer and use the dectalk runtime as my speech synthesizer. 
> My question is What system requirements is tere for good speech?
> I know that when using other speech synthesizers like mbrola and festival the speech gets very bad if i have a slow computer.
> I have visited fonix, but there is no system requirements page.
> Also, I need to get help with finding two other dectalk products so I can buy them.
> The first is an external dectalk for use in ms-dos, and the other is the software dectalk for windows.
> Can you help me with findiing these products?
> thanks in advance
> kristoffer

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