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Sat Sep 18 11:21:21 UTC 2004

Where does one get or buy a ready-made CD of this Oralux; I've been
whittling about getting this for ages.  Is there a ready available FAQ on
the latest version and is it up to speed in the reliability stakes now?


I got a lot of spare computers scattered on the floor round my feet I want
to test and fiddle with with something like this...   or that!

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Oralux also comes with YASR and runs from CD.


If you find this useful feel free to click on the contact link on the web
page and give feebback.

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> Try Oralux. It is a live CD edition of emacspeak. You can find information
> at: If you would like a copy of version 0.6, send
> me a private email and I'll send you a copy.
> Jeff
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> student<br><br>Hi,<br>My name is Peggy Sinclair-Morris.  I'm a teacher of
> the visually impaired in Los Alamos, New Mexico and I'm looking for some
> help.  I have a high school sophomore that is taking a Linux class.  He is
> using some magnification, but based on his limited vision, he is having
> difficulty.  He really needs some sort of speech output.  I would
> appreciate any suggestions, help, information.<br>Thank you,<br>Peggy
> Sinclair-Morris<br>Teacher of the Visually Impaired<br>Los Alamos Public
> Schools<br>Barranca Mesa Elementary School<br>57 Loma del Escolar<br>Los
> Alamos, NM
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