Installing Debian with Cygwin

John J. Boyer director at
Sat Sep 18 18:36:33 UTC 2004

I've just got my new Dell computer working with Windows XP, WindowEyes and 
Cygwin. It has an empty partition waiting for Linux. However, this 
partition has the NTFS file system. Does Cygwin have a utility for setting 
it to ext3? Once this is done, can I use dbootstrap from Debian? How do I 
get the latest kernel installed? The linux partition on this machine will 
be for software development and testing, so I'm thinking of installing 
Debian Unstable? I will be using brltty as my screenreader. The machine 
has no serial ports. WindowEyes works with a USB to serial adaptor and my 
Braille Lite. Can I use the adaptor and the braille lite with BRLTTY?

How do I make the machine dual-boot? I think lilo would work better for me 
than grub.


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