Installing Debian with Cygwin

Andor Demarteau andor at
Sun Sep 19 08:55:29 UTC 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004, John J. Boyer wrote:

 > I've just got my new Dell computer working with Windows XP, WindowEyes and
 > Cygwin. It has an empty partition waiting for Linux. However, this
 > partition has the NTFS file system. Does Cygwin have a utility for setting
 > it to ext3?
you don't need it, if you install debian, it will overwrite the current FS
by creating a filesystem on it.
btw, may I advice reiserfs instead of ext3? performancewijse it's way

 > Once this is done, can I use dbootstrap from Debian? How do I
 > get the latest kernel installed?
you could try, but I think it's either not going to work or not going to
work as you would like it.
Debian (asl all distro's) use specially prepared startup-dsisks.
These disks have a kernel on it which gets installed and all support tools
like mkfs and so on.

 > The linux partition on this machine will
 > be for software development and testing, so I'm thinking of installing
 > Debian Unstable?
nice, but keep in mind, unstable does it's name really right form time to
time :)

 > I will be using brltty as my screenreader. The machine
 > has no serial ports. WindowEyes works with a USB to serial adaptor and my
 > Braille Lite. Can I use the adaptor and the braille lite with BRLTTY?
tricky one. As long as you tell brltty the correct usb<->serial device, it
may work.
However, I don't know how good the support is for this type during

> How do I make the machine dual-boot? I think lilo would work better for me
 > than grub.
both will do fine for this.
Positive thing is that for grub you never need to rerun it for new kernels

 > Thanks,
 > John

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