linux for blind student (fwd)

A. R. Vener salt at
Mon Sep 20 13:57:00 UTC 2004

I suggest you go to the google web search engine and
enter the search string:
Linux Tutorial for Beginners and  you will find all the
information for getting started with linux that you can use.

As for accessing a linux system, you can use your
current computer as a talking terminal to any linux machine.

If you are using Windows, you can run hyperterm and connect
your RS-232 serial port directly to the Linux
machine's serial port using a null modem cable.

Otherwise, if both your current computer and the
Linux machines are on the same network, you can use
your Window's telnet program to telnet to the Linux machine.

Once there you can use any and all of the Linux command line applications, 
such as the mutt mail client, lynx browser, vi and emacs editors, etc etc.

In my opinion, built in speech support on a linux box is not as good as 
using an external talking terminal. But then it has been a year or so since I 
last tried it so things may have changed.

My own setup  uses a DOS PC running Vocal Eyes and Telix terminal
software as a talking vt100 terminal. I connect the DOS PC to a linux box 
using a null modem cable.
Then I use secure shell (ssh) to move to other
machines as needed.

Good luck.


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