what is edbrowse

Karl Dahlke eklhad at comcast.net
Tue Sep 21 07:12:48 UTC 2004

edbrowse is a command line editor browser mail client.
Sort of like explorer, as it would be written 30 years ago, to run on the old
paper teletypes (no screen).

As for "best program for blind users" - I thank you.

As for "years behind in features" - true.
And this will always be true, if people like me write these programs
in our spare time, as volunteers.
Now if someone would pay me to do it, it would be state of the art.
some government agency should be paying me to do it, but they're not,
and I suppose that's a relatively small flaw,
if you consider all the things our government is doing wrong these days.
(43 million people uninsured.)
Anyways, it is indeed behind, but still my preferred app,
and I'm in it 7.5 hours out of 8,
and I'm using it even now to compose and send this mail.
If there is a website that you need to access,
that edbrowse misbehaves on, I usually try to fix that as time permits,
though some of these websites are definitely moving targets.



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