oracle linux installation bad news

John Heim jheim at
Fri Sep 24 17:48:20 UTC 2004

At 07:55 PM 9/23/2004, Jude DaShiell you wrote:
>For 10G at least not all of the installation can be done using character 
>interface.  Doing a google search on "oracle linux installation" will 
>bring up as one of its results werner pusche's page and that's my source. 
>I'm not happy about that since I've been studying oracle sql at work and 
>figured to do a linux install so I could get some practice at home if X 
>wasn't required.  Since that's the case, I think I'll stick with presql 
>and mysql.

Just today I got the Oracle client software installed entirely via an ssh 
connection. You have to run an x server but you don't have to do anything 
via the GUI. I even got the perl DBD::Oracle to compile although that was 
very difficult and I'm not entirely sure what I did to finally make it work.

I don't know if you can install the server entirely via the text interface 
though. That was one thing I tried when I was trying to compile 
DBD::Oracle. It ended w/o generating a "silent" install log file.

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