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Guy Abandon. text.tools at virgin.net
Fri Sep 24 21:12:32 UTC 2004

Well done!...    this is shaping up to be a superlative tool and the given
rationale is a very valid one as I use no monitor, an Apollo hooked to SW9.
For anyone who remembers DOS and Readit....   but you're right, the two hage
absolutely nothing in common, except that it can do all the things I need to
do pretty quick and easy once you know how.  I'll see if I move along a
little faster once I get the quick ref bit too.

Thanks again and you got another serious convert!


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Subject: quick reference guide

Ok, by popular demand, I've added a quick reference guide
near the beginning of my documentation.
It lists all the ed and edbrowse commands.
(I don't think I forgot any.)


After this you will find the section on avoiding line numbers,
which I sent around last time,
and then the technical documentation.

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