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Rhys Morris R.Morris at bristol.ac.uk
Sun Sep 26 10:41:15 UTC 2004

Hi Abd Ghani,

I've seen this problem too. Initially I set the the no-gui option as
tcl/tk are only required for the gui. 

But after much fiddling, I got it to work with the gui.

Install latest versions of tcl and tk in /usr/local and do
./configure;make;make install

then compile OpenPBS using 

./configure --with-tcl=/usr/local --with-tk=/usr/local <put other
options here>

This gets past the tcl errors, then if you are using RedHat Enterprise
3 you will get many other problems at the make stage, mail me to avoid
boring the list with this......

Incidentally there is a PBS mailing list for this kind of thing,
details at www.openpbs.org.

Hope this helps,


On Sat, 25 Sep 2004, Abd Ghanie Abd Aziz wrote:

>dear redhat users,
>i've problem with my redhat linux. i try to install open PBS (cluster -job
>management software) but it failed and the error note appear and it seems
>that cannot find my tcl/tk (error..cannot find tcl/tk in dev/null)... but
>when i check it on installed package.. i already intalled the tcl.. i try
>to uncheck it and then update it.. but it failed.. and it says that redhat
>cannot find the tk...iso files . i hope u all can help me
>Abd Ghani
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