Links idea?

david poehlman david.poehlman at
Wed Sep 29 11:42:20 UTC 2004

This is fine although it feels like jaws for windows with ie.  I have one 
question though, left shift is tough to press with v so could we not use 
either shift key?

Johnnie Apple Seed

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Subject: Links idea?

I had an idea to increase the brail mode functionality of the links web
browser and would like some feed back please.

Pressing the h key will take you to the next heading.
Pressing the v key will take you to the next visited link.
Pressing the u key will take you to the next unvisited link.
Pressing the n key will take you to the next block of 25 characters or more
that is not a link.

The left shift key will work with ALL the above keys to move to the previous

Pressing the enter key will toggle forms mode on and off when in a form
field to allow you to enter text.

Thanks in advance,

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