Running Spinrite from Linux?

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Sep 29 23:02:14 UTC 2004

Forget about running the program from Linux. You can't. I'll bet an
month of unemployment checks on it! <grin>

Please note: Having an executable that can read and write different
types of file systems partition tables is not the same thing as an
executable that can run under different OS. There's plenty of the
former, including some excellent tools under Linux that you probably
already have installed. There's none of the latter.

PS: The Linux tools are 100% accessible. Promise.

Now, why not boot into single user mode and let one of those fsck apps
go at your /dev/hd whatever it is.

Hart Larry writes:
> Thanks Janina--and-David.  First of all, Janina, in windows its my d drive, but 
> in Linux its hdb  and I was getting thousands of io errors from that drive.
> Now David, while GRC claims many operating systems can use spinrite, they still 
> don't say how to run the program from linux, if we even can.
> Hart
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