Links idea?

Mario Lang mlang at
Thu Sep 30 16:10:02 UTC 2004

"Nigel Stoppard" <stoppard at> writes:

> I had an idea to increase the brail mode functionality of the links
> web browser and would like some feed back please.
> Pressing the h key will take you to the next heading.
> Pressing the v key will take you to the next visited link.
> Pressing the u key will take you to the next unvisited link.
> Pressing the n key will take you to the next block of 25 characters or
> more that is not a link.
> The left shift key will work with ALL the above keys to move to the
> previous element.
Sounds fine so far.  However, a remote terminal can typcailly not destinguish
between left and right shift, so allowing for both shift keys would
make more sense for me.

> Pressing the enter key will toggle forms mode on and off when in a
> form field to allow you to enter text.

Please dont do this.  I know where it comes from, and I hate that behaviour
from the MS world of screen readers since it was originally introduced there.
It just adds another layer of complication.  I'd rather prefer if
whenever a field is highlighted, character input just goes
to that field.  And whenever there is no form field active,
you can do your special keybinding thing.


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