Links idea?

Lorenzo Prince lorenzo at
Thu Sep 30 21:34:57 UTC 2004

Thus spake Nigel Stoppard:
# Pressing the h key will take you to the next heading.
# Pressing the v key will take you to the next visited link.
# Pressing the u key will take you to the next unvisited link.
# Pressing the n key will take you to the next block of 25 characters or more 
# that is not a link.
# The left shift key will work with ALL the above keys to move to the 
# previous element.

These things may be useful to some people, but there is a reason why I choose
to stay away from Jaws whenever possible.  It gets too confusing sometimes.
Next we will have messages interspursed in the text of the site that says
something like "list of 6 items containing 2 nested lists" and other exteranious
nonsense that Bondage Science Fiction threw into IE/Jaws just to make things more
confusing to the average user.  Although if it stops at the above mentioned
navigation keys, it really won't be that confusing, as you have the option
whether or not you want to use them.

# Pressing the enter key will toggle forms mode on and off when in a form 
# field to allow you to enter text.

This is complete unnecessary, and will serve only to confuse things.  As it
stands now, all you have to do is go to the field and start typing.  Then get
off the field when you are done.  There is no need at all for a "forms mode".


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