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Tim Chase blinux.list at
Tue Aug 2 21:40:02 UTC 2005

> Awesome. I've used lynx for fifteen years, but I had never 
> realized this.

There are loads of little things that I usually tweak in my
standard lynx.cfg file.  I usually kick it into VI-keys mode so
that h/j/k/l act as arrow keys, but then I found that if I hit
"j" or "k" a bunch of times and stumbled across a text-entry
field, it would leave a stream of "j" or "k" characters.  I
almost switched back to using regular arrows or [dons his
asbestos suit] ::shudder:: switch to Emacs-keys. (grins, ducks
and runs...can you tell I'm a Vi/Vim junkie?)  However, Lynx has
an option in the lynx.cfg that isn't exposed through the Options
screen, called TEXTFIELDS_NEED_ACTIVATION which prevents the
problem.  To edit a text field, you simply press enter on it.
Voila!  VI-keys work again.

On top of that, if you have more than a small bit of text, you
can invoke your $EDITOR using either control+x followed by "e" or
alt+e while editing. Another nice touch for us vim junkies.

I additionally fly with my LINKS_AND_FIELDS_ARE_NUMBERED option
set so that I can jump to links by just typing the link number.
This also allows one to follow the number with the letter "g" to
simply "go to the link on the page" without actually following it
(which just typing the link-number alone does).  On top of that,
you can type a number and follow it by the letter "p" to jump to
that page number.  This is really handy for those long documents
and you know the stuff you want is around page 50, you just type
"50p" and hit enter.

This with "advanced user" mode (to free up the jibberish at the
bottom of the screen) makes for pretty smooth sailing in Lynx for
me.  Hopefully some of this helps you surf better/faster/longer.

> Thanks for pointing this out.

My've given plenty of great advice on the
list...I'm glad to return the favor.


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