Can yum do any harm to my system?

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Aug 3 21:13:18 UTC 2005

Is it possible? I suppose all manner of things are possible, but I would
say not probable. I entrust my server to a nightly automated yum update
and have not had any problems.

Now, if you start to add devel repositories, you can expect some level
of incompatibility, I suppose. But, the likely scenario is that the
newer devel package just won't get installed because of some existing
conflict with versions already on line.

Also, yum (actually rpm) is very good at saving original configuration
versions in the instance where it does install a new config file, in
/etc for instance. So, you generally have what you might need to unroll.

I would not worry about this myself. I've used yum for several years now
across several Fedora installations. My own next step, when I get around
to it, is to install a local yum file cache, so that my various machines
can do their updates from a local repository rather than by adding to
net congestion.

Brian Olesen writes:
> Hi Andor,
> >
> >> Hi all,
> >> As the subject says. Is it by any chance possible to damage my Linux 
> >> server
> >> by regularely update my Fedora 4 system using Yum?
> >define damage.
> >
> Well by damage I mean do thinks that will make my php and sql applications 
> and other web stuff malfunction. Offcourse I don't mean physically damaging 
> the system.
> Best regards
> Brian 
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