Is Samba the Best Way?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sat Aug 6 22:48:50 UTC 2005

> which reliable router would be l y n x accessable

While I'm not sure which router would be lynx accessible with
their web interface, some come with a serial console which would
be accessible with Minicom.

> what will be a best way to seemlessly have access to the 
> laptop, where I can move-and-copy files?

Win98 is a tad brain-dead, so its best to network on its terms,
and Samba does that.  Other ideas would be using WebDAV (how MS
Front-page publishes web pages to web servers) under Apache, or
starting an FTP service.  However, Win9x treats those more as
second-class citizens, and they aren't as deeply integrated as
SMB is.

So the short answer is "yes, use Samba" and it will appear as any
other Windows share on the network.


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