Is Samba the Best Way?

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Sun Aug 7 08:21:05 UTC 2005

On Sat, 6 Aug 2005, Hart Larry wrote:

 > Hi All:  Tomorrow I will finally have my linux machine connected with a windows
 > 98 laptop.  I will get a kvm switch.  Questions?  First of all, which reliable
 > router would be l y n x accessable, hawking sure wasn't--and eventually quit.
porbably all of them have javascript-web interfaces AFIK.
apart from cisco but that's probably a bit way out of your league on
budget :)

 > 2nd, what will be a best way to seemlessly have access to the laptop, where I
 > can move-and-copy files?
 > The laptop-and-hopefully desktop machines will run jaws.  The desktop machine
 > in linux will run speakup--and-hopefully YASR.
connection from windoze to linux and vece-versa can best be done by samba
however, I wouldn't call it stable and note taht upon upgrading samba
things may get broken easily.
Been using it for a file/mail server for 8 win2k workstations and got
loads fo trouble wiht it.

 > Thanks in advance for tips-and-tricks
 > Hart
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