Is Samba the Best Way?

Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Aug 7 12:33:30 UTC 2005

Want an accessible router? Get a Linksys 54WRT and install OpenWRT on
it. That will give you 10/100 wired ports, and wireless service as well.
And, it will be 100% accessible, just like your Linux console--because
OpenWRT is a Linux console.

CAUTION: It can be a little tricky blowing away the default Cisco
software on a LInksys. It can (sometimes) be done without sighted
assistance, but you may need help for that one critical step. After
that, though, you're home free.

Tim Chase writes:
> >which reliable router would be l y n x accessable
> While I'm not sure which router would be lynx accessible with
> their web interface, some come with a serial console which would
> be accessible with Minicom.
> >what will be a best way to seemlessly have access to the 
> >laptop, where I can move-and-copy files?
> Win98 is a tad brain-dead, so its best to network on its terms,
> and Samba does that.  Other ideas would be using WebDAV (how MS
> Front-page publishes web pages to web servers) under Apache, or
> starting an FTP service.  However, Win9x treats those more as
> second-class citizens, and they aren't as deeply integrated as
> SMB is.
> So the short answer is "yes, use Samba" and it will appear as any
> other Windows share on the network.
> -tim
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