running linux on laptops

MICHAEL WEAVER michaelweaver1 at
Sun Aug 14 20:11:50 UTC 2005

I am thinking of purchasing a laptop. This may be a better solution for 
example if I am wanting support from my local linux user group as I would be 
able to take a Laptop to Vox Bar where my LUG meets and they may be able to 
help me get Linux up and running.
However I have a question.
How much system resources does speech use when running Linux with 
screenreaders and software speech?
I want to be sure that I get a Laptop that not only will run Linux but that 
will support speech through the soundcard.
My sister knows someone through her boyfriend or maybe ex boyfriend as 
recently they were having difficulty who she claims can build systems 
because he knows about hardware but I am dubious as to whether he would only 
know about building systems to Windows specifications only.
I have taken a brief look at the Linux howto through going through the 
Ubuntu Installation Guide and have had a brief look at the Linux Laptops 
site as well.
I wonder if it maybe better to see if my sister's contact does have the 
knowledge to build a laptop to Linux specs or whether I should just try and 
find one in a store?
I was thinking of installing Linux on my PC in my flat which is already 
connected to my Broadband MODEM which I have backed up but need to be 
careful as I am beginner to Linux. Dad said he could give me an old desktop 
only there isn't really any room for it in my computer room and as it 
wouldn't be connected to my Broadband MODEM, I might have a problem for 
example if I were to install Ubuntu, I wouldn't be able to do the command to 
get Gnopernicus.
Hope someone can give me advice. 

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