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Tue Aug 16 00:42:27 UTC 2005

If you're looking to port eflite to use alsa, you may want to
look at the sources for atcleci.cpp 
in emacspeak/servers/linux-outloud -- this is the ALSA version of
the Emacspeak ViaVoice TTS Server.

The alsa-lib API is not the easiest thing to figure out, so the
above may well  save you some time.

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Gorse <mgorse at> writes:
    Mike> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Janina Sajka wrote:
    >> ESD couldn't possibly help you because it's OSS
    >> based. However, the
    Mike> Actually it can interface with ALSA along with OSS and
    Mike> several other interfaces used on various operating
    Mike> systems.  But it still doesn't provide an API that
    Mike> could be used to silence the speech.
    >> latest alsa releases support something called dmix by
    >> default. This is alsa's software mixer, and I've had good
    >> success playing multiple sound sources using it.
    Mike> Okay, that's good.
    >> So, Mike, can we look forward to an alsa native yasr
    >> sometime soon? Have I intrigued you yet?
    Mike> You didn't say what software synth you are using, so I
    Mike> am assuming flite via eflite.  It looks as though the
    Mike> flite ALSA driver needs updating, so I'll look into it.
    >> PS: You don't say what wireless device you have in your
    >> Thinkpad. My current Thinkpad is an X31 model with a
    >> IPW2100 wireless device builtin.  It works perfectly well
    >> with Linux, but I had to get the binary (non open source)
    >> drivers and install them in /lib/firmware first. The issue
    >> is that our GPL supportive distros like Fedora and Debian
    >> aren't going to ship binary drivers. Nor would I want them
    >> to.
    Mike> I have heard of people using that driver with an R40,
    Mike> but I could not get it to work and suspect that it is
    Mike> not the chipset used by my card.  It is an "IBM
    Mike> Dual-Band 11a/b Wi-Fi Wireless Mini PCI Adapter."
    Mike> lspci outputs 02:02.0 Ethernet controller: Unknown
    Mike> device 168c:0012 (rev 01)
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