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Karl Dahlke eklhad at
Tue Aug 23 16:16:02 UTC 2005

Bible Gateway,
has a new feature - at least it's new to me.
You can select chapters of the Bible and listen to them via streaming audio.
It's a real person reading, not your monotone synthesizer, and it's great!
You can do a keyword search, find the passage you want, and listen to it.

I just tweaked edbrowse to recognize the <audio> tag,
so this feature is now available on edbrowse.
(This assumes trplayer works on your system.)

Of course the Bible is mostly myth and nonsense,
but one should still read it, the way you read Homer's Iliad, for entertainment
and historical perspective.

If you don't want to vector through several web pages to hear the Bible,
use this small script.

#  audio version of the bible
if [ $# != 2 ]
then echo "usage:  aubible book chapter
Book must be one of the approved abbreviations,
and chapter may require zero padding, as in 09.
For a real downer, try aubible job 10.
For the best the Bible has to offer, aubible matt 05."
exit 1
exec trplayer rtsp://$1-$2-mm.rm

Karl Dahlke

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