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Are you sure that hell excists.
If it does i am one of those who would go down there.
Even if i am a christian.
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> [quoted lines by Karl Dahlke on 2005/08/23 at 16:16 +0000]
>>Of course the Bible is mostly myth and nonsense,
>>but one should still read it, the way you read Homer's Iliad, for 
>>and historical perspective.
> The Bible has been written by no less than God Himself so that mankind can 
> know
> at least two things:
> First: That he, i.e. each and every single member of the human race, is 
> totally
> lost to and infested by sin, and, therefore, rightly deserves to endure no 
> less
> than an indescribably horrifying eternity in Hell under God's relentless 
> and
> unbearable wrath.
> Second: That that very same God took upon Himself a human nature, in the 
> person
> of Jesus Christ, and personally paid that very same indescribably 
> horrifying
> eternity in Hell under His own relentless and unbearable wrath on behalf 
> of
> those whom God has elected to salvation so that they themselves no longer 
> need
> to personally suffer that fate.
> I welcome anyone who'd like to engage in serious discussion on any 
> Biblically
> related topic to contact me privately so that they can avoid not only 
> being
> charged with an off-topic post but also the foolish ridicule of those who
> insist on mocking His Almighty Majesty, the Creator, Ruler, and Judge of 
> this
> entire universe and all that is therein. May God have mercy on at least 
> some
> more of them before time runs out (which, according to careful and 
> thorough
> Biblical analysis, will most likely occur in just six short years, i.e. in
> 2011).
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