DAISY book format

T. Joseph CARTER knghtbrd at bluecherry.net
Thu Dec 1 03:22:48 UTC 2005

I posted this elsewhere, but got only one reply, and it was not exactly
the most polite email I have ever read.  I assume that either nobody else
on that list actually knew the answer.

I basically know nothing about DAISY format books.  I've got some plain
text, HTML, and even PDF data sources, and I would like to turn these into
DAISY text format with nice indexes and bookmarks and all of the wonderful
things I've been reading about.  Nobody's going to put this stuff into
DAISY format if I don't do it myself.

So is there any information targetted to people who don't have a whole lot
of background on this stuff for producing DAISY books?  I mean, a person
who wants to learn HTML the vi way, you probably don't start with the W3C
standards documents--it would just be maddening trying to sort out what
information contained therein is relevant to making a silly little home
page.  I'm not looking for some What You Get Is What You Deserve program
to do it for me, I actually would like to understand how DAISY works.

Any pointers?  *smile*

P.S., Yes, I still write my web pages in vim.  *grin*
"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act,
but a habit."
	-- Aristotle

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