DAISY book format

Christopher Covington covracer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 05:04:12 UTC 2005

I poked around the daisy consortium site and it's pretty unfriendly
and totally useless. I don't understand why an organization would not
want to allow the general public to access tools for the format they
are trying to promote. [After having surfed around more extensively, I
chalk it up to a website that doesn't direct normal linux hobbyists
such as myself to the right place.]

Anyhow, I learned html and my first programming language by copying
examples and editing them. Maybe you could figure out the DAISY format
by reverse engineering some books in that format (using perhaps the
specification as a reference). I found some example DAISY books at

Upon further looking into things, I happened upon
http://dsidtb.sourceforge.net/index.php which links to some tools
including a validator. That stuff probably can help but it's a bummer
I wasn't able to find a tutorial or whatever about writing in this
format. The specification seemed to have some examples though that
maybe you could work off of.

Chris Covington

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