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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Thu Dec 1 20:34:07 UTC 2005

No, I'm not aware of a primer on how to markup DAISY. I'm afraid you
need to delve into the specs.

Are you comfortable with HTML at least? If so, I would go at itas

Pick some documents and identify the types of elements you want to
markup, e.g. Chapter headings, Sub-Chapter Sections, Paragraphs, List
Items, etc., etc. Then check the specs for how to mark this up. Lastly,
look at the specs for the ncx, which is tghe index file that delivers
all the DAISY magic.

Let me ask this--What are you going to use to "play" this file?

Or, are you expecting you will also record audio and sync it to the XML
markup? That would be fairly non trivial except in a pretty coarse way,
by hand.

You might want to look at the Perl scripts for generating DAISY content
called DTBmaker at:


You can use these in conjunction with Cepstral voices, for instance.

T. Joseph CARTER writes:
> I posted this elsewhere, but got only one reply, and it was not exactly
> the most polite email I have ever read.  I assume that either nobody else
> on that list actually knew the answer.
> I basically know nothing about DAISY format books.  I've got some plain
> text, HTML, and even PDF data sources, and I would like to turn these into
> DAISY text format with nice indexes and bookmarks and all of the wonderful
> things I've been reading about.  Nobody's going to put this stuff into
> DAISY format if I don't do it myself.
> So is there any information targetted to people who don't have a whole lot
> of background on this stuff for producing DAISY books?  I mean, a person
> who wants to learn HTML the vi way, you probably don't start with the W3C
> standards documents--it would just be maddening trying to sort out what
> information contained therein is relevant to making a silly little home
> page.  I'm not looking for some What You Get Is What You Deserve program
> to do it for me, I actually would like to understand how DAISY works.
> Any pointers?  *smile*
> P.S., Yes, I still write my web pages in vim.  *grin*
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