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Subject: [SEC508] FW: exceed environment

I'm forwarding the following message  to see if anyone has a positive  

Don Barrett


I have access character-based UNIX environments using the Tera Term
(http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA002416/teraterm.html) telnet  
program from Microsoft Windows systems for several years.  However,  
UNIX-based GUI-based applications are increasingly productive, and  
difficult to compete with.

For their UNIX work, my company is standardizing on Linux Redhat 9,  
using the KDE desktop.
At the moment, my company does not want individuals running Linux  
Desktops on their own PC's.  They want to run the KDE desktop on  
remote servers, and to have people access this environment through  
the Exceed terminal emulator

My company thinks that Gnome desktop is not secure.  As far as GUI's  
are concern, this setup does not seem to be accessible.

I have had little luck Accessing Solaris 8 X-Windows applications  
through Exceed.

I am trying to get a transfer to the Microsoft Windows end of the  


1. Has anyone successfully used Exceed with X-Window applications?

2. If I were able to persuade my company to allow me to use a Linux  
how would I go about setting up an accessible Linux Redhat 9 KDE X- 
system?  By listening to list-serves, I am aware that most of the
accessibility work has been done for the Gnome desktop.


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