Linux and xp

Per Sjoholm Per.T.Sjoholm at
Fri Dec 30 12:06:26 UTC 2005

There is no problem using Windows XP and Linux on same machine,
use several partions.
Assuming that you use a recent motherboard/bios and a large drive.
And is not using a disk with a protected area.(Like the IBM thinkpad)

For all installations a planning is needed.
I can see but my eyes is starting to fail due to illness so i
wasn't cover any aspects of using TTS or brailtty during install.
I'm trying to write this so people with less experience can read it.
Please help if I am unclear or what I write
doesn't make sense on TTS or brailletty.

Kristoffer we have talked before, I called you on phone feel free
to contact me again.

Why make it hard and not use a CD ?
You can setup a pxe-server and use the network to install.
Use diskette and a samba server.
Using a CD is much more easy.

Try to stay away from loadlin and/or lilo if possible.
Use grub instead. Use the technic with activate partion
described below.

Use separate partions for OS and your data to make
upgrade and backup more easy.

* Create a small Linux installation on hda1 for recovery.(1 Gigabyte)
   That has the text tools you need.
   For an older bios this partion must be smaller as there is
   a restriction on where older bios can read.

* Let windows XP use next partion, hda2.
   do Windows XP installation and specify the size.

* Install Linux and grub on the next partion, hda3.
   Your real Linux installation.

* Mark the Linux partion on hda3 as active.
   When Windows XP try to be helpful and writes a new bootsectoor
   you just have the make the Linux partion active again.

* Create an extended partion for the rest of the drive.

* Add logical partion for Linux data  /export using ext3 file system.

* Add logical partion for shared data /dos/d  using vfat file system.

* Add any other partions you like.

* Add swap partions at the end, this need some calculations.

The primary partions is controlled by a partion table.
The extended partion is a primary partion that contains a
linked list of logical partions. It may be a good idea to save
information on where different partions start and stop.

This is not how the redhat/fedore manual explains it, but it's a good
way handling partions that allow for easy upgrade and or reinstallaion
without losing any user/home data.

The /export should ideally be placed on hda3 but some Linux distributions
require a primary partion for installation.


Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> Hello!
> Is there a way to have fedora core and windows xp installed on the same
> machine?
> Could you please help me with this? What shall I install first for
> example?
> Can you give me some guidelines on how this should be done?
> Also, how do I start a braillified install of fedora if I'm unable to
> start from cd?
> Can I use loadlin in some way?
> I also need to know how I shall invoke the xp installation without
> booting from the cd.
> I don't know how, so please help me!
> /kristoffer

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