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this ain't scsi but IDE-raid controler.

You may be able to resize partitions to maek room for linux. Can't say.
However, it strongly depends on what type of RAID is used (RIAD 0 or
RAID1) what your options are.

Splitting the disks to get 2 seperate disks is probably quite difficult
and also not what you want.

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Lee Maschmeyer wrote:

 > Hi all,
 > I bought a new computer on Sunday. One of the reasons I chose it is that
 > they said it has two hard drives already installed, so I figured I'd just
 > reformat one of them to hold Linux (Fedora as of now). The "expert" at the
 > store assured me that if I did this Windows would no longer see that disk
 > and wouldn't mess with it.
 > It turns out that the "disk" is a RAID (Promise 2+0 approximately). When I
 > tried to install Linux last night, both FC2 and 3 said there were no hard
 > disks, or at the very least that there were none Linux could use. They
 > didn't even ask if I wanted to remove non-Linux partitions.
 > Does anybody know about these? Is it possible to turn them into two separate
 > disks, or is it possible to partition it to make room for some EXT3 systems?
 > Note that the Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List is about two years old and
 > thus of very questianable value.
 > Thanks,

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