Program for communicating with Deaf relay Services

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Jan 13 15:38:59 UTC 2005

> Actually, that's the first step you should take.
> Before trying to configure logical services you should insure
> you have a properly loaded device driver.

Although, minicom is quite handy for testing that too, as it's 
what I use to try and find where my modem is when I move to a new 
box (usually a new laptop where the presentation of a modem can 
come as anything...winmodem or real modem, pretty much pot-luck). 
  If I can enter "ATZ" and hit enter, all good/modern (read 
"Hayes compatable") modems should respond with "OK".  So, I 
iterate over all the serial ports, both real and ones created by 
loading drivers as hinted at by the results of "lspci".

There have been times I've gotten the results back from "lspci", 
loaded the "correct" linmodem driver for it, and still had no joy 
[sulks].  Fortunately, I've got a 56k PCMCIA modem that works in 
almost all my laptops except the one cast-off in which the 
previous owner has shoved a PC card and mashed all the pins.  Ah, 

Once I've found where the modem is on a given configuration, then 
it's easy to just link /dev/modem to point at it to save me 
future headache.


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