Requirements for BRLTTY 3.6 USB support?

Dave Mielke dave at
Sat Jan 15 16:23:16 UTC 2005

[quoted lines by Willi Lutzenberger on 2005/01/15 at 13:33 +0100]

>what linux requirements are needed by BRLTTY to drive USB Braille displays?

Just be sure that USB is configured into your Linux kernel. This is the case by
default if you're using any reasonably up-to-date release of any of the
commonly available distributions.

>I want to use a FS PAC Mate 40 but couldn't find any information on that.

BRLTTY does support the PAC Mate. Invoke it like this:

   brltty -b fs -d usb:

Specifying "-b fs" selects the FreedomScientific driver. Specifying "-d usb:"
(that trailing colon is significant and must be specified) tells BRLTTY to look
for the display on the USB. If you'd like to invoke BRLTTY without having to
specify those options all the time, create the file "/etc/brltty.conf" and put
the following two lines in it:

   braille-driver fs
   braille-device usb:

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