Requirements for BRLTTY 3.6 USB support?

Dave Mielke dave at
Sat Jan 15 16:29:06 UTC 2005

[quoted lines by Kristoffer Gustafsson on 2005/01/15 at 16:35 +0100]

>I have tried to use usb support with brltty with my tieman braille
>voyager 44 display, but without sucsess.
>I have compiled the usb support into the kernel and  compiled brltty
>with voyager support, but this doesn't work.

Does your /etc/modules.conf (/etc/modprobe.conf for newer kernels) contain the
correct "alias usb-controller" directive for your system?

>what is wrong?

What errors is BRLTTY reporting within your system log (usually

>I have also specified usb as the output port.

Specify (without the quotes) "usb:" rather than "usb", i.e. there needs to be a
trailing colon.

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