a very basic ftp question

Michael Malver mmalver at visi.com
Mon Jan 17 12:36:19 UTC 2005

Because of problems I was having, I got two isos last week, and to isos this
using standard ftp (i.e. text-base)
is there a version of ls I can give that will show me the dates the files on
the linux-speakup site were created? I went to the current direcctory of the
fedora distribution, and listed the files. I got the names, but want to see
if the files are created at the same time mine wree downlaoded, so that I
don't get partway through and discover disk 3 I have is new than the rest of
the disks from my set.
does testing the media solve this problem, or does that simply tell you data
was written okay.
Thanks for any help.

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